Supporting Characters

This post goes out to Lydia Albano, who, like me, has a soft spot for supporting characters in books.  I don't know what it is, but only seldom do I fall for the main boy character wholeheartedly.  

For instance, in Lord of the Rings, I really don't like Frodo.  I prefer Sam so much better, because he's just a simple gardener who sticks by Frodo's side throughout thick and thin, persevering even though there's no hope left.  He has a lot of depth--in other words, he's not a flat character.  And neither is Frodo, for that matter.  But Sam is just--I don't know how to explain him.  He's just a wonderful best friend with a lot of heart and a love for growing things.  And I also like Pippin, instead of Frodo, not to mention Merry.  Oh, and don't get me started on Aragorn, who's my favorite character in the books!  Okay, I'll stop now.  

For those of you who have read Tom Sawyer, by Mark Twain [one of my favorite books and authors] you know about Tom Sawyer and Joe Harper and Huckleberry Finn.  Now, I love Tom and Joe, and of course Sid [because he just gets Tom into a whole ton of trouble] but Huckleberry is by far the best, although he's a close call with Tom.  Just the whole, "I live in a hogshead barrel/first one without shoes in the spring/swears like a sailor/smoke a corncob pipe/don't have to go to school", atmosphere about him that makes all the other boys jealous and all their mother's displeased creates such an unforgettable character.  

Now, Harry Potter.  Who doesn't like Ron better than Harry, huh?  Anyone?  Well, maybe I'm the only one.  But Ron is SO awesome!  And he's a ginger from a family of gingers, and he loves Hermione and it's just so cute!  And Harry's, well...Harry.  Yeah, he's the Chosen One and everything, but I love Ron so much better!  Hey, I might choose even Seamus over Harry, in the movie of course because Seamus is just so cute!  Oh, and don't EVEN get me started on the Weasley Twins!  They are SO much better than Harry!  If I could save one character from getting killed, I'd choose Fred first.  Then Sirius and Tonks and Lupin.  And then--I must stop!  

Now, in The Chronicles of Narnia, who doesn't like Edmund?  Hmmm?  I prefer him to Peter, always have.  Even though Peter in the movies is pretty good looking, am I right?  Show of hands?  I love Edmund because, after the whole thing with the White Witch in The Lion, the Witch, and The Wardrobe, he's so level-headed and awesome and everything!  

If any of you have ever read The Secret Garden [an old classic that I highly recommend] no one can help but like Dickon Sowerby better than Colin Craven.  Dickon is just a poor "cottage" boy living on the moor who always one of his tame animals about him, a baby fox, lamb, crow, two squirrels, etc., and rides a wild moor pony named Jump.  

And in Oliver Twist, who doesn't love The Artful Dodger?  Which one is better: a homeless runaway with no knowledge of street life whatsoever, looking for a family and a life he never knew?  Or a street-wise, smart-talking, ruddy-faced pickpocket bedecked in a large top hat and a trailing gentlemen's coat who talks with such a thick accent that you can barely understand him?  That is a rhetorical question--no offense to those who like Oliver Twist better.  Here is The Artful Dodger [pictured left] played by Jack Wild, and Oliver Twist played by Mark Lester.  

There are a lot of other examples, I'm sure.  And there are several books where I actually like the main character better than his best friend: Percy Jackson, for example, I much prefer to Grover.  Also, Hal in The Outcasts I like better than Stig, even though they're both awesome.  And Will Treaty in The Ranger's Apprentice I like better than his best friend Horace, I guess just because I fall for the underdogs.  I really do.  I don't know what it is--but something to do with my strangeness, I guarantee.

Now that post is done, I can get back to school...or more school...or actually start school.  



  1. Agreed! In Eragon (just finished reading the last book!!!) I much prefer Roran and Murtagh to Eragon... I don't know why, I just do! Same, Huck was such an amazing character... He was one of the only secondary characters ever to get his own book! :P

    1. Ooooh, you just finished Inheritance? Awesome! I was SO mad that Arya was the dragon rider instead of Roran! Ugggh! And I LOVED Murtagh. He just was, amazing! So in-depth.

      Yes. Huck was my favorite, and he got his own book! :)

    2. Yup, thanks to Wade... I never would have read the last two if he hadn't lent them to me, and I'm so glad I did!!! I KNOW RIGHT! Arya just... she just shouldn't be a rider. I don't think Roran should have either though... I was really mad at Arya though for agreeing to be queen along with a rider. Oh my gosh, Murtagh was incredible, I loved him all through the books, even though for most of them he was a bad guy. Just in incredible character there.

    3. I didn't know Wade had read those books. Yes, they're awesome--so awesome that I get discouraged because I could never write like that.

      Anyway, I love Murtagh and I've always loved him and wanted him to be secretly good inside! :) Heheeh! I know! I was mad at Arya for being both a rider and queen! Uggggh! I didn't want her to be rider at all! I will quite this rant. :)

    4. I didn't either till he was reading the last one in the car on the way to district food show... I was really surprised haha. Yes, Reagan, you can and you do. To be completely honest, I like your style better than his. His story is amazing and he has great character development, but his writing style annoys me sometimes. Yours is much less heavy, it feels more real.

      Same! :) I just knew he was going to turn out good, and I knew that the whole thing between him and Nasuada in the first book HAD to play some part!!! Oh my gosh, I know! I really didn't even like her that much! She was too perfect and aloof for me... Katrina and Nasuada were so much more awesome! They didn't have superhuman strength or any of the benefits of the elves, but they still did just as much! Anyways, like you said... ending rant in three... two... one. Whew. That's out now :)