I'm Ashamed

Yes, yes, I am.  I haven't posted in forever!  I am terribly sorry about that.  I could make excuses, yes--excuses like I was busy taking an imaginary tour of Europe in my head; or I couldn't take time away from writing my novel in Scotland to do trivial things like blog posts...

Okay, the writing part is true.  I have been writing.  Working on my novel The Lightcatcher (it's still not finished, NEWSFLASH) has been an adventure--a strange one and a different one, but a good one nonetheless.  I cannot truthfully say I have enjoyed every minute of it, especially when writing sometimes comes like pulling teeth.  But this novel is (as of now) my child, my baby.  I love the new experience of creating Finley Devens and Lark McCarthy, and the experiences that surround them.

So anyway...that's been going on.  Also, Christmas was yesterday!  So Merry Christmas to everyone!  (Because I didn't wish you one yesterday.)  What did everyone get/give?

Also.  College apps and scholarships can go bury themselves...somewhere deep, preferably dark and in the ground.  Where I will never have to deal with them again. Ever.

Oh, and you can read The Lightcatcher HERE.  Just because...you know, authors like their work to be read.

So that's been my life lately.  I'm pathetic, I know.



Guys, I'm Published!

So yes, I did it.  I self-published an E-Book.  [For those of you who despise E-Books, I hope to have a print book coming out soon.]

Guys.  This is exciting!!!  I'm an official author.  [Indie, yes, but I like being Indie.]  So if you could tell all your friends, relatives, local libraries about this big [well, for me it's big] deal, that would mean a lot to me.

I'm saving up for college and desperately need a job [so far, I haven't found one] so I hope to continue publishing some more work.  Word of mouth is all I have right now.

Anyway, I'm SO excited.  You can view my book HERE.





Okay, guys.  I have decided to do it.  I'm going to publish an E-Book entitled "Stars in Your Fingers: a collection of reflections and stories."

What do y'all think?  I should hopefully be giving y'all a link later this week...  I mean, if I get it up, I can officially say I'm PUBLISHED, PEOPLE!  I could say that I am now an author.

I'm really not sure if people will buy it, but if you could spread the word...?  Because that's pretty much all I'm going on: word of mouth.

Anyway, I'm really, really excited.

'Till next time.



I'm Reviewed!

Guys, guys, GUYS!  Somebody reviewed my novel-in-progress!  She's on Figment.com, and she has a blog in which she reviews various novels––some of which have included The Hunger Games,  The Angel Experiment, and Passion.

And she recently read my work on Figment and reviewed it.

Here's the link:  The Lightcatcher Review