I admire these people so much.  They are Irish stepdancers, and believe me, they are amazing.  If you want to see some real tapping, watch the videos.  You will be awed.  I grew up watching Riverdance on an old cassette tape we had, along with Stomp Out Loud [that goes out to you, Mattie], and I love them.  It takes lots of talent and choreography to perform this.

There are two kinds of Irish stepdance, hard shoe and soft shoe.  I prefer hard shoe, which is shown in these two videos.  These people have to be so fit and athletic.  I would die if I had to dance this hard for that long.  Seriously.

Just watch both of them.  [Note, the second clip of the second video is the same as the first video.]



I'm featured!

Recently, I featured an interview with Lydia Albano [read here], and because of this she wanted to feature me on her blog as well.  I had so much fun reading and answering her questions!  I encourage you to check out her blog and her writing, as I assure you her novels are going to be published one day.  And when they are, I will be one of the first to buy a copy!

You can read my answers on her blog.

-The Newsie

Music, Theatre, Dance...

My obsession of music, theatre, and dance...  Welcome to my world.

One of my favorite dancers, Gene Kelly

Newsies, the Musical

Samantha Barks


Love this pair

Idina Menzel

West Side Story

Stomp, hop, step, fa-lap, step, stomp, hob, step, fa-lap, step stomp = Time Step

Got to pick a pocket or two



Oxford tap shoes


Les Miserables


"Oh, Sylvia?"  

Things musicals taught me--Les Miserables




I love this




Sweeney Todd


I love to boogie