Cast of Characters: The Lightcatcher

So I have decided to come up with a cast of characters for The Lightcatcher, since that is what I have been working on lately.

Finley Devens

My main protagonist named Fin is a spunky, skinny girl of fifteen, and I imagine her to look like a slightly younger version of Jessie Buckley.  Especially the hair!  Finley has that hair.  She also has grey eyes, a faintly different smile, a forsaken flyer named Maggie, and a bottle of raspberry pop.

Lark McCarthy

I love me some gingers.  This is Lark, who I imagine to be slightly older with more prominent cheek bones and an indifferent and offhand look about him.  The first encounter he has with Finley involves a battered bicycle, some bruised ribs, and a whole sack of beans spilled in the street.  He is one of the current Sentinels, competing in this year's sentinel trials.

Trig Devens

I tried to find a good picture for Trig, but this is all I could come up with.  He is Fin's seventeen-year-old, fun-loving yet quiet cousin.  He has brown hair and a drawling way of talking.

Sid Brooks

Sid Brooks.  Well, how much should I say about him without spoiling it?  I haven't introduced him yet, and I'm working on fleshing him sometime later in the novel.  However, he is awesome (he told me so himself) and a half-wild solo balloonist.  

Mr. Bagshaw

The old keeper of Davenport library and Fin's good friend who loves wildflowers and takes one cup of Chamomile before bed to ease his aching joints.  Isn't he cute?  

Ash Devens

Ash is slightly younger than this boy, with sandy blond hair.  He likes to tinker with mechanics and all the girls at school think he's adorable.

Bree Devens

A thirteen-year-old version of this girl, Bree loves to read du jour magazines and is hopelessly falling for the grocer's errand boy.

And there you have it––some of the characters from The Lightcatcher.  I haven't had suitable time to elaborate on Lark's group of friends, so I didn't put any character pictures for them.  

But you get the general gist of my people.  Yes, they're my people.  



  1. Ash is adorable. And Finley is PERFECT. Lark is the first really cute ginger I've ever seen. Where do you find these??

    1. Isn't he cute??? Yes, I've had Jessie Buckley in my head for a long time and have been basing Fin's appearance semi on her.

      I found them on the internet. ;) Gotta love google.

  2. love ash so much !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!