Author's Note

I am a twenty-year-old soul with a longing to climb mountains, breathe ocean air, backpack the world, and lose myself among the stars.

Welcome, stranger.

Currently, I am a University Theatre student trying to balance crazy class schedules with late-night rehearsals and show-runs. People say I was born in the wrong century, and I believe them. Writing is in my being; it runs through my fingertips until it bleeds upon the page into some fragment of a story that I immediately shelf. 

I live on music. It hits me hard, and it hits me fast. And I wouldn't have it any other way. 

Gypsy runs deep in my soul, Native American in my blood, and Irish in my eyes. I have a taste of wanderlust on my tongue.  Crisp, fall mornings with air so fresh you could choke on it are my medicine.  One-man tents and sleeping bags and mountains are my hospital.

I couldn't live without the feel of a good horse beneath me, words forming a story on paper, a heavy backpack on my back, or music shaping itself through my fingertips.

The sound of an audience's laughter when I deliver a line, or the sound of catching breaths during a gut-wrenching scene, is what I as an actor thrive on.  

Theatre is my love.  Writing is my child.  And life is my battle.

Let us dance, you and I.

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