Guys, I'm Published!

So yes, I did it.  I self-published an E-Book.  [For those of you who despise E-Books, I hope to have a print book coming out soon.]

Guys.  This is exciting!!!  I'm an official author.  [Indie, yes, but I like being Indie.]  So if you could tell all your friends, relatives, local libraries about this big [well, for me it's big] deal, that would mean a lot to me.

I'm saving up for college and desperately need a job [so far, I haven't found one] so I hope to continue publishing some more work.  Word of mouth is all I have right now.

Anyway, I'm SO excited.  You can view my book HERE.




  1. Well Ms. Star Lilly,

    You write well beyond your years. The first story could so easily be expanded and turned into a full feature film for kids and the young at heart (like me).

    I am sitting here pretty much speechless and overwhelmed at your talent. You are blessed with a talent most writers can only aspire to. I will be watching and waiting for great things from you.

    Gma Mary Adkinson author of Growing Up With Princess Lizzy:little life lessons