Quotes by famous people--aka, my characters

Sometimes, when I read back over my writing, I find it amusing when I see some of the things I wrote.  And I wonder why did I even bother to jot down those sentences?  And then other times, I wonder whose hands were writing those words at the time to make them flow so well.  Because I'm sure I didn't.  

Even so, I thought I would favor my readers with some quotes from my characters in some of my stories--in the hopes that you can gain some insight into their mysterious lives that have yet to reveal their secrets to me.  Because, as of yet, I still don't know exactly how their stories are going to play out.  [And on some of the pictures it says "By S. Jackson", because that is my figment pseudonym, for those of you who didn't know.]

"But when you’re hungry, you’ll eat just about anything you can get.  And so I buried my misgivings in the scrumptious flavor of the poverty-stricken fest before me." -Scottie O'Cleaveland, thirteen-year-old protagonist and rebel in Den of Thieves. 

"But time, however short, was what he’d been given in the present to play a deadly game of catch; for time is a fickle substance that cannot be measured in weight or ounces, cannot be seen or heard except through the ticking of a clock––steadily, doggedly continuing on no matter how much one person begs for it to turn back and walk the previous path of fate, its robes of generations cascading about the universe." -Sixteen-year-old Will Russell, soon to be convicted of treason, resistance to authority, fraternizing with enemies of the Republic, assisting said enemies with illegal activities, and murder--Starkeeper's Gate.

“Drake, You’ve got nerve to be here.  And if you can fly, then don’t let politics get in the way.  Go with your gut feeling, and you’ll soar.  Understand me?” -Sixteen-year-old pilot Kit Morgan, arrested for acting as a spy for the Sky Force in their efforts to launch a rebellion against the Uplands.

"Don’t forget, dearie, war’s not about what you want, but about what you’re willing to sacrifice.  God bless your husband."  -Mrs. Oomlan, an eccentric, quirky lady living in the next door apartment in Every Girl Loves a Sailor.
"Her spirit refused to be doused.  She thought of what it would mean if she talked, who else would die or have to endure this hell she was in.  She couldn’t––wouldn’t––succumb to the pain, taking the easy way out, and sentence her friends to sure death." -Twelve-year-old Kently, a girl who has nothing left save a friend, Will Russell--Starkeeper's Gate.

Well, there you have it: some insight into a few of my characters.  Now I just have to finish their stories.  



  1. Why does "Starkeepers Gate" say its by S. Jackson?

    1. Hehehe! I told you why up at the top! :) It's because my figment username is Stormie Jackson. And those are/were covers for my books on there.

    2. Oh! yeah oops, I'm real attentive;)
      Oh, (ly)

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