Recent Poll Results

In light of the recent poll I just conducted [which book would you like to escape into for a day] I have decided to analyze the results.  

Eight of you, including me, took the poll [yes, I know.  My blog is so popular] and three answered Lord of the Rings, one answered Chronicles of Narnia, one answered The Invention of Hugo Cabret, and three answered Twilight!  Which totally escapes my reasoning, no offense whatsoever to those who voted for that...particular...sparkly...vampire...dream-inspired book.  

So, that being said, I chose Lord of the Rings, because it's just an impressive trilogy.  I mean, they're probably my most favorite books right now!  So, to those of you who choose that one, you're awesome!  It's a world of sheer genius, and there are no words that would be sufficient to describe those books, including the Hobbit.  Oh, and the movies are also amazing, and they do a wonderful job capturing the landscape of Middle Earth and all its characters.  I hope The Hobbit will be just as awesome!

One person chose Chronicles of Narnia, and I applaud that person.  The Chronicles of Narnia would be really cool to live in for a day, to meet Caspian and everyone else!  

All right: Hugo Cabret.  I really want to know what person put this, because this was a close second with LOTR for me.  I would love to stroll down the Parisian streets in the 1920s and slip in and out of the walls in a train station.  It would be like the dream of my life!  

Now...for Twilight.  So, I enjoy watching the movies sometimes, even though the first one is really cheesy and...well, everything.  But I have absolutely no desire to read the books whatsoever!   I hope that none of you [more specifically the ones who put Twilight as their...um, book to escape into for a day] will take any offense, but what would make you want to spend a day in Twilight?  I mean, for one you'll probably get eaten by one of the evil vampires, and if not then you'll get killed by one of the werewolves. And if not that, then you'll be dragged along with Edward and Bella [because Edward has another human to protect] on some wild escapade that involves playing a highly dangerous and deadly game of baseball in a thunder storm, which results in a face-off between evil and not-so-evil vampires.  How can there be not-so-evil vampires?  It just doesn't work.  Vampires are evil, people!

So, you know I've watched the movies, but I just don't get it.  Personally, I'm a fan of Dracula by Bram Stoker [long die the evil villain!], which is a totally awesome and creepy classic, where the vampire is actually evil and he dies in the end with a wooden stake through his body!  

Sorry, I will quite this rant on Twilight and congratulate everyone for taking my survey!  Comment down below and tell me what and why you chose [feel welcome, Twilight fans, enlighten me as to why Twilight is so awesome], unless you just don't want too.  But I'd appreciate it!  And I'm so glad someone chose Hugo Cabret, because he was feeling lonely and I really wanted to choose him but I had to go with LOTR instead.  

That being said, thank you all!  

Editor of Old School Ink.  


  1. Lord of the Rings for life! Nobody writes a better fantasy than Tolkein, whose name I never know if I'm spelling right haha. Halfway through re-reading the Fellowship, loving it just as much as the first time! :P
    My theory: Anybody who picked Twilight has never read LOTR, and therefore should be pardoned and immediately introduced to Middle Earth and all of its wonders. At that point, they will realize that their vote was mistaken and that LOTR should have won all along :D

    1. Totally agreed! With the added obligation that they read Dracula! [You should read that one too! It's awesome! The vampire dies!]

    2. I want to!!! It's buried in a box right now from the last time we moved (six years ago heh) but I will read it one of these days!