I found the dog I want...

...eventually.  I love big dogs.  Little dogs can go bark their hearts out down some hole.  I will always be a big dog person, with the exception of Jackies.  I love Jackies, grew up with Jackies, and some of my best friends have been Jackies.
Anyway, I've decided it.  I'm going to live somewhere far out in the country [preferably England or somewhere else in the UK], on the moor, or dales, and I'm going to own an Irish Wolfhound.  Big much?  Yes.  I will.  And I won't have to worry about my children when they're wandering about outside because the dog will take care of them--as dogs always did when I was little.  My mom wouldn't worry a bit on our ranch when my brother and I were off in the pastures alone when we were really little, because the dogs were always with us.  And a good thing, too, what with all the snakes and coyotes about all the time.

So here are some pictures of Irish Wolfhounds.  Lovable protectors of the family.  Aren't they huge?


  1. Oh my gosh, that's crazy! I looooove big dogs! :)
    Oh yah, I meant to ask earlier... what was the result of the last poll?

  2. Hehehee, yes. I love big dogs!

    As far as the poll, 2 people answered Winston Churchill (of which you were one, I think.) And I answered Tolkien, mainly because I wouldn't know what to say to Churchill. Here's a man who did great things during WWII, and I'm just a sixteen-year-old writer. At least with Tolkien, I could talk about writing.

    It was a very close call between the two of them, though.