What is Old School Ink?

[Sits down and begins to write]

So, what exactly is this blog for?  Well, for me it means to communicate and share with other people the adventures--and mishaps--of my life, as if I were some glamorous character in a book who always has adventurous escapades.  In this, I'm going to be posting a lot of my writing, all the stories of my imagination that are thought up late at night, when I'm supposed to be sleeping--or when I'm doing school.

What does the name Old School Ink mean?  Well, I, as a person, would probably be classified as "old school" by the "hip" generation of today.  I love reading old classic books, watching old classic movies, and wearing classic Chuck Taylor Converse.  And I love writing with a classic flare, so thence the add-on Ink.

So, welcome to my world!  A world of adventure, dares, and imagination.

Feel free to jump onboard.

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