What defines you?

What word defines you?

Tomboy?  Writer?  Actor?  Reporter?  Stubborn?  Blogger?

If I had to choose four words, they would be: All of the above.  I am a writer, reporter, and blogger who loves to create stories from my head and put them on paper.  I love to act--to take on the role of someone other than myself--and people call me stubborn, which might be somewhat of an understatement.  I am a bit of a tomboy who doesn't usually like wearing makeup [big newsflash: some girls of this generation can actually survive without those outrageously expensive cosmetics].

Things around us--in our lives--shape what we are.  I live out in the country, some of you may live in the city.  That molds our characters: the sports we play, the activities we choose to do.  I often wonder how different I would be if I lived in New York.  Would I be enrolled in an elite acting school where I could further my career acting for Broadway?  What would I be doing?  What kind of friends would I have?  Now that I cannot answer you, for I do not live in New York--instead, I eke out stories on my laptop somewhere out in the Texas country about 45mins away from any good grocery store.

But if I did live somewhere else, would I be that different?   Would I be plastered with makeup every day, or would I even love to write?

For right now, however, I'm content to stay where I am--at least until college.  And yes, I am a writer, actor, reporter, blogger, and stubborn tomboy--much to my mother's dismay.  But above all, I'm a dreamer--a dreamer that cannot live life without the fabrications of imagination that strike inspiration at even the most impractical of times.

What are you?

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