What are dreams?  What is a dreamer?    Where would this world be if people did not dream outside the ordinary, conquer the inescapable,  and refuse the inevitable?  What would we be like today if none of the brilliant minds of times past and present had never dreamed up unrealistic contraptions, machines, medicine, and many other things that all make what we are in the modern world?

Now, when I say dreams, of course I mean physical dreams--aspirations that push you along the bumpy road of life, urging you to keep going to matter how hard you just want to give up and take the easy way.

But there are different kind of dreams as well: nightmares, hallucinations, visions--all when you're asleep. And I, as a person, have had some very weird dreams in the past: a few of which are best left unspoken.  In our sleep, our mind creates a whole new world that we explore.  Some of my dreams involve books I've read, or movies I've just watched.  But the strange thing about them, is that in dreams, it's totally normal to be sitting in new-space-like van during a 4-H dance/contest while watching giant helicopter hover outside your window.  (I did not just tell you my dream from last night.  Forget I mentioned it.)

So there are two kinds: physical and mental.  What are your physical dreams?  Ambitions that keep you striving to write that novel, try out for that musical, or practice that song till your fingers fall off?  What makes you keep going?

So join me, be creative, and dream!

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