Just letting y'all know that I'm alive.  I haven't been blogging lately, so I figured I'd explain why.

First of all, I'm not dead.  So that's a good thing.  I've come back!  (From the future, believe it or not.  But that's a different story for a different time...better to be told in different places.)

I've also decided that NaNoWriMo can go die down a hole.  There is no way I can finish 50K words by December.  I have about 21K.  I have decided that those other people who already have their count limit don't have school to do, or any social lives, or any more school, or other things to take care of like getting out of the house once in a while.  And I'm pretty convinced they don't stop to eat, either.

Secondly, I have just come back from a weekend with the family for Thanksgiving––so, go figure, not much writing done.  My calves have bruises and scrapes up and down the insides from not wearing any gaiters or chaps when riding.  I really needed some polo wraps that last day, but didn't get them.  Stupid me.

And I'm tired.  Very tired.  I didn't get very much sleep to say the least.

Ping Pong was especially competitive, and when you're not sure which side of the family you should root for, it can get nasty.  Jumps were built, horses ridden, turkey eaten...  My mother got out the Amish carriage and hooked her draft horse up to it and took everyone for a ride.  My cousin's colt spooked and ran all over the place because of that incident, and my other cousin's horse shied and started bucking a bit.

I helped finish painting the side of the barn with my cousin, Jake.  I have grey paint in my hair now because he was up on a ladder and I was down below.

Went out shooting.  More riding.  Ate some pie.  Rode again.

Discovered that when both the four-wheeler and the bike don't have any brakes, it's probably not the best idea in the world to let your little sister take your cousin for a joy ride: her riding the four-wheeler with him being dragged along behind on the bicycle, holding a rope––through all the cactus and rocks.

Played my guitar, sang until my voice was hoarse, and watched my grandma cajole her grandsons into dancing.  My guitar also has a hole in the side, but that's beside the point.  I don't really want to think about it.

So that's about it for November.  I'm surviving, y'all.




  1. Your Thanksgiving sounds exponentially more exciting than mine. Glad you survived :)

    1. Hehe, well, other than the hole that is now smashed in my guitar, I would say it was very exciting. I had loads of fun.

      Did y'all have a good time??

  2. Yah, I'm curious, what in the world happened???
    And yes, my Thanksgiving was actually wonderful, it felt amazing to take a break and not be typing papers. And to see (almost) everybody again finally. And to not see a pine tree for almost a whole week. And to drive on dirt roads. And all that other wonderful stuff I've been missing. So yah, I'd have to say it was a great Thanksgiving!

    1. Well, it had to do with a very unfortunate accident with a ping pong paddle wielded by my little cousin. I'll send you a picture.

      Haha, you and your pine trees! I love pine trees! I'm really glad you got to have fun at Thanksgiving, before you head off and go back to slaving away over college stuff :P

    2. Oh. Ouch.

      Haha well I love visiting pine trees, but I swear, it'll make a person crazy with claustrophobia (however the heck you spell that word) to live in the middle of them! Yah, it was a lot of fun :)

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