So, I was in the newspaper office...

Today I hung around the local newspaper office.  It's really fun in there, and I'm just kind of watching over everybody's shoulders and learning what goes into creating a newspaper.  And...they have a whole bunch of cabinets with bound editions of newspapers over the years, and I got to look at the 1944 edition!  It was so awesome!  I barely scratched the surface (only going from January through early March '44) but it was so cool!  The pages are yellowing and crackling, so I was extremely careful.  I mentally kicked myself so many times for not bringing a camera, or I would have had loads to show you guys!  Next time I'll bring one.

Anyway, here are a few clips of ads and things that I wrote down:

An ad for women's shoes saying, "Not rationed!"

"Toilet paper: 3 rolls for 19 cents!"  That one cracked me up.

This bit was in the column about our service men and women.  A young man wrote to his folks back home (in our local town) and this was at the end of his letter: "I hope you will have a big Christmas over there, but I guess it will be just another day for us over here.  Send me some candy and peanuts if you can get them[...]and don't worry about me."  

I also saw in a service column a notification of a local couple's son who was a casualty.  He was only twenty years, and my eyes started stinging when I read the announcement.  

I also saw an obituary for a lady who was 85 years old: "...survived by 5 sons, 2 daughters, 16 grandchildren, 10 great grandchildren, and 2 great-great grandchildren."  Can you imagine???

I saw an ad that made me smile: "Six novels added to City Library."  I guess they were the newest bestsellers.  

Another ad offered free pick-up for dead and crippled animals: "Our army needs the vital material they contain for munitions."  

"Buy bonds.  Let's be soldiers at home!"

"Local soldier in Italy nursed back to health by [our county's name] girl!"  That was a really neat story.  A soldier, who was progressing worse in his condition, in Italy met a nurse and discovered they were both from the same hometown here in Texas.

Then I saw a column about a soldier from my community [a tiny community no one has really heard of] who was honored twice with the silver star!

"This is 1944!  What will you do to make it the victory year?"

Anyway, that was my little journey into the past today, and I saw a lot more stuff like that.  I had a lot of fun, and the newspaper office is awesome!  They have an old typewriter sitting on the table and vintage cameras and film in the window!  Go on, be jealous...  Well, that is, unless you're really not. 

And in that light, I will bid you so long.



  1. That is awesome!!! I'm jealous... for real :)

    1. Hahahhaa, that was quick! Ooooh, yes, be jealous! ;) It was awesome! I'll try and take pictures next time! I saw some really cool ads!

    2. Haha, you posted like at the same time that I got on :) I ammmmmmmm!!! I have a nerdy obsession with looking at old ads and reading old newspapers!

  2. Anonymous15:53

    I love the story about the two hometown kids meeting in Italy... soo cool! btw, just now saw the poll"what character would you marry" didn't get to vote because it's closed. But if I could've (and i soo wish I could've) I would have voted for Will Treaty!!! That's the stuff of dreams right there! :D <3 sorry just had to get that off my chest.. lol :D You need a camera, girl-seriously!! I take my camera everywhere!!! So jealous, wish I could've read them and then taken pictures!! :D

    1. Hahhaha, yeah, Finnick won, thanks to Mattie and Amny. But I voted for Will :)
      And yes, I need a small camera, because some of the pictures were SO cool!!!!!

    2. Dang! I didn't see it either! Finnick totally. Or Percy... I really can't decide now.

  3. OH MY GOSH! That is sooo cool! The letter from the soldier nearly choked me up!

    1. Me too!
      It was so sad!