Wanderlust.  That word just is so mysterious and beautiful.  When defined in the dictionary, it means "a strong desire to travel."  A strong desire to travel...  Such a simple definition for such a strong word.  But wanderlust means so much more than just wanting to see places.  It means wanderer, rambler, roamer...  Wanderlust ties two words together: Wander and lust, to create something that means so much more than its definition.  To have wanderlust is to have a strong need to escape reality at home, to travel to different places, to experience new things.  

You hear of wanderers in all the stories, permanently on the move, never staying in one place too long--and you wonder, how do they do it?  Are they forever outcasts?  And then you ask yourself, do they like it that way?  Are they fond of living the life of a nomad?  

Or do they have the wanderlust deep in their hearts, never able to ignore it, but never really able to accept it?  

Wanderlust...a longing, yearning, a hunger to see what lies beyond the horizon--to explore the uncharted waters, comb the uninhabited mountains, searching for something...something to fill the cavity in your heart: a space that can never be filled.  


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