...to jump!  Be free!  Don't let anything hold you back.  Looking over the brink, into the abyss, the dark, terrifying chasm--and you feel your heart in your throat.  You close your eyes, and bite your lip, trying to force yourself to take the leap, the jump that will change your life.

And I leap.  And I fall.  And I reach out my flailing arms, hoping that someone will catch me.  The fear chokes in my throat, and I keep falling, grasping at anything to keep me stable--something, someone, to break my fall.

But you know?  They always do.  No matter where you fall, how you jumped, or when you leaped--someone will always be there to pick you up, even if you don't see who it is at the time.  So let go of all restraints, don't let life get you down.

Dance in the street.  Sing in the rain.  Count the stars.  Let the balloon float to the sky.  Watch the delight on a child's face.

Live.  Dream.  Love.

Be yourself...and soar!



  1. Wow. You floor me every time you write something. It's so powerful!

  2. Oh my gosh! Your pole question cracked my up! Percy Jackson for the win!

    1. Awww, you're sweet. I'm just trying to put my feelings into words, you know? That's the only way I can do it right now.
      And I thought you'd enjoy my poll, and I knew you'd put Percy Jackson! I specifically put him up there for you :) And it was a close call, but I had to go with a cabin boy who flies airships and wears trousers and suspenders. :)
      Love ya!