I am not a very good blogger.  At all.

I justify myself by saying that I am a better college student, but I'm not sure if that's true.  Anyway I have been trying to write [mostly in The Lightcatcher, but I have new idea as well], which hasn't been all that successful.  So I have started tacking up random pictures on my bulletin board in my dorm room.  Underneath each of these, I have written a sentence or several just about the picture in general.

It is a way for me to be creative without committing to a lot of work, and it has been wonderful.  So I think I'm going to start putting them up here for y'all to see as well.


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  1. Anonymous10:35

    I'm sure you ARE a better college student! :) That's awesome you are still trying to write -- best of luck on all of that! ^_^ Sounds neat. :D So good to hear from you and know you do indeed still live! <3