So...folks...I'm back!  Back from Wyoming, back from my job, and off to school!  [Yeah, I know you missed me.]

No.  Actually, I don't know that.  But that's beside the point.

College life, everybody, is more like glorified freedom.  I say freedom loosely.  In this case, it means A) staying up late, B) doing what you want, and C) making new friends.

Of course, you're A) staying up late because you have to study for the test that is DUE tomorrow, or writing that paper that you got assigned, or reading over the syllabus to see what you missed.

And you can B) do anything you want, as long as it involves going to classes, doing homework, and going to more classes.

And C) the friends you make while studying and freaking out about the work that is due the next day will stick with you.

Until you both fail the class together.

I paint such a bleak picture of life.

No, actually, aside from studying and going to classes and eating in the cafeteria and going to more classes and then staying up late to study, I am enjoying college.  My Intro to Theatre class is by far my favorite.  I am also taking Racquetball [had to have a PE class, and you know me!  I also may or may not have a giant red welt on my thigh from an adversary power-hitting the ball unintentionally toward me], and British Lit. [which is hard, but awesome].

Along with that, I'm taking Honors Old Testament and Honors Colloquium since I am in the Honors Program [which is another way of saying I'M SCARED TO DEATH BECAUSE OF THE AMOUNT OF WORK AND RESPONSIBILITY but also excited because I enjoy those two classes and all the Honors people.]

That...is about it.

My life is so exciting.  I know it.  And so do you.



P.S. Trying to find time to write in The Lightcatcher has been pretty much nonexistent.  So, I'm sorry about that for those of you who care.  For those of you who don't care, or who don't even know what The Lightcatcher is, then I am sorry as well.

That is all.


  1. And the friends who you fail your class with move up to best friend status. Because you will be taking the class with them again the next semester.
    And don't try to fool yourself, you know the chicken you ate for lunch in the caf yesterday afternoon wasn't really chicken...

    1. *Tips hat in your direction*

  2. Amny. That comment is gold.

  3. Deborah O'Carroll13:47

    Welcome back!!!(ish) And of COURSE we missed you, silly! ;) I must scheme up some way of seeing you again... *schemes*

    College sounds... interesting. Good luck to you on surviving! And I do hope you'll eventually find some time to write more Lightcatcher because LARK. Hee. :D


    1. HEY! Awww, thanks.

      Yes, it is very interesting :D

      Hahaha, I will try. Thank you!