Travel, Gypsy Soul, and Wishing...

Sometimes, do you ever wish you could just leave the life you're in right now and go someplace else?  Anywhere in the world?  I do.  So many times a day, I wish I could go somewhere, anywhere, and just live an adventure.  

And even more so today, when the central Texas heat is shimmering outside and the air conditioner has gone MIA without leave and my mom has decided to steal my fan and use it as her own.

Right now, what I wish, is to be someplace cool––even cold, maybe.  Perhaps swimming crystal waters, tan and skinny and effortlessly pretty.

Or walking a highland moor.  Or enjoying a cup of chilled coffee in a café far from America.

Or perhaps sitting on a cliff, high above the world, looking down on everything spread below me.

I don't know.  They're fancies.  Fancies that become dreams that I will hopefully turn into reality someday.  

Where would you go?


  1. I'd go anywhere baby as long as it's with you!!! ;P

    Actually, in all honesty, I'd love to be wherever that picture was taken... looks amazing.

    1. We're still planning on New Zealand, right? (I might have to work a while after getting out of college to have even two pennies to scrape together.)

      ME TOO! It looks so wonderful and I just want to sit up there and gaze down on the world at my feet.

    2. Um, heck yah, that's a stupid question. I'm already saving money. This better happen.

    3. It HAD better happen.

      I'm planning on it. Don't worry, babe.