A Writer

A writer is someone who writes, and suffers, and writes some more.

A writer is a person who reads endlessly.

A writer is somebody who stays up late at night, slowly going blind from the glow of their computer.

A writer is a being who understands their own fictional characters better than they do normal people.

A writer is someone who is very esoteric.

A writer means having your stomach growl at midnight because you're still awake writing a scene that has to be finished.

A writer sometimes means being more social with people on the internet than in real life.

To be a writer is to be a dreamer, a reader, and a romantic.

To be a writer means getting injured and thinking, "Now I can write about it realistically."

A writer is a person who draws on inspiration from rainy days, sunny skies, and beautiful landscapes.

Being a writer means listening to copious amounts of music.

Being a writer means downing obscene amounts of caffeine and tea.

Being a writer is explaining to other people that writing actually can be a means of supporting yourself.

To be a writer is to find the small joys in life and capture them in black words upon white paper.

A writer means planning out endless scenes and little pieces of dialogue in your head.

Above all, a writer is someone who writes tirelessly, over and over––discouraged that their writing is horrible sometimes, but pressing on again, determined to make it better.



  1. And they are generally crazy. :)

  2. This is great :) Love it!

  3. Very, very true! All of them!